descriptionA free multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids
ownerThe Team
last changeMon, 24 Apr 2017 13:10:06 +0000 (15:10 +0200)
7 hours ago MarkDarkCastle: Fix #1907 master
28 hours ago Maikel de Vriesfix relaunch finding no spawn
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesfix definition call to relaunch rule
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesimprove lavacore solidmask
5 days ago Nicolas HakeFix assertion-enabled build
5 days ago Nicolas HakeStop disabling debugrec code by preprocessor
5 days ago Nicolas HakeFix several broken conversions from C4Fixed->bool-...
5 days ago Nicolas HakeUse C4Real instead of C4Fixed where representation...
7 days ago Maikel de Vriesadd lava core animal (made by Win)
11 days ago Nicolas HakeRule_Relaunch: use correct casing for translations
11 days ago Nicolas HakeMerge pull request GH#38 from Fulgen301/Rule_Relaunch
11 days ago Fulgen301Remove hungarian notation and fix some errors
11 days ago Fulgen301CaptureTheFlag: Fix script errors
11 days ago Fulgen301Rule_Relaunch: Fix several script errors
11 days ago Fulgen301Rule_Restart: Fix handling return values of OnPlayerRestart
12 days ago Nicolas HakeMerge pull request GH#37 from Fulgen301/Rule_Relaunch
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