descriptionA free multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids
ownerThe Team
last changeTue, 16 Jan 2018 23:09:27 +0000 (00:09 +0100)
9 min ago Lukas WerlingKrakatoa: Fix spawn position of rejoining players master
9 min ago Lukas WerlingKrakatoa: Don't reduce flag radius (#1981)
25 hours ago MarkTest #1974: Improved test
29 hours ago Maikel de VriesAI: pass effect to ExecuteJump() to prevent script...
30 hours ago Maikel de Vriesspeed up ladder search by clonks using Find_Property
47 hours ago Julius MichaelisAllow using mouse keys and key combinations from the...
2 days ago Lukas WerlingHotIce: Fix EciToh lava with Sky background
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesranged AI: aim at bottom of structures to trigger explo...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesdefense boom attack: fix destruction tracking
2 days ago ClonkonautDetach any visible objects upon Death (#1974).
2 days ago Maikel de Vries(#1969): improve situation for structures that want...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesdefense: improve goal info and script, king of the...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesdo not show trajectory for script players to prevent lag
2 days ago MarkFix #1969: Prevent pushing vehicles into buildings...
2 days ago MarkTest for #1974
3 days ago Lukas WerlingFix more broken entries in Scenario.txt (#1910)
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