descriptionA free multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids
ownerThe Team
last changeSat, 22 Jul 2017 21:47:16 +0000 (23:47 +0200)
4 hours ago MarkStructure: Allow basement override master
4 hours ago MarkStructure: Callback for too much damage
3 days ago Maikel de Vriesadd Find_Cone to find objects in a cone
3 days ago Maikel de Vriesunify two implementations of Angle in the engine
5 days ago Nicolas HakeDrop C4AulParSet defaulted ctor
7 days ago Maikel de Vriesremove unused AttractLightning defcore entry
7 days ago Maikel de Vriesremove unused FireTop defcore entry
9 days ago MarkRemove if-block in Eat()
9 days ago MarkLibrary: Edible items
10 days ago Maikel de Vriesfix lightning striking certain objects and loosing...
10 days ago Sven EberhardtFix duplicate editor action buttons #1884
10 days ago Sven EberhardtScenario list loader: Ignore .ocd and .ocg files when...
10 days ago Sven EberhardtShow currently loaded item in gray while loading scenar...
10 days ago Sven EberhardtIgnore main exe path for group loading when loading...
11 days ago Sven EberhardtFix slowdown during startup scenario list loading ...
12 days ago Maikel de Vriesreduce lightning strength if an object is struck
18 months ago v7.0
2 years ago v6.1
2 years ago v6.0
2 years ago v5.5.1
2 years ago v5.5.0
3 years ago v5.4.1
3 years ago v5.4.0
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4 years ago v5.3.2
4 years ago v5.3.1
4 years ago v5.3.0
5 years ago v5.2.2
5 years ago v5.2.1
5 years ago v5.2.0
6 years ago v5.1.2
6 years ago v5.1.1
4 hours ago master
2 months ago alut-include-path
6 months ago ipv6
7 months ago directional-lights
9 months ago console-destruction
11 months ago qteditor
14 months ago liquid_container
17 months ago stable-7
17 months ago epoxy
17 months ago objectmenu
18 months ago shapetextures
21 months ago stable-6.1
22 months ago lights3
22 months ago Controls
2 years ago alternate-lights
2 years ago issue1247