descriptionA free multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids
ownerThe Team
last changeFri, 21 Oct 2016 20:32:24 +0000 (22:32 +0200)
8 hours ago Nicolas HakeProhibit overriding local vars with functions (#1831) master
29 hours ago Julius MichaelisFix mac build
34 hours ago Julius MichaelisFix mape and mac build
36 hours ago Julius MichaelisTwiddle with header organization: lib{misc,c4script...
37 hours ago Nicolas HakeMerge branch 'ast'
37 hours ago Nicolas HakeAul: Add AST generation tests
38 hours ago Nicolas HakeAul: fix octal escape parsing
2 days ago Nicolas HakeDon't entirely recreate global vars in second compile...
2 days ago Nicolas HakeImplement direct execution of whole function definitions
2 days ago Nicolas HakeMake C4ScriptHost store C4Value refs to owned functions
2 days ago Nicolas HakeReject function expressions inside proplists inside...
2 days ago Nicolas HakeAul: Split out error handling into a separate class...
2 days ago Nicolas HakeRemove re namespace alias
2 days ago Nicolas HakeRemove MS CRT memory management debugging
2 days ago Nicolas HakeRemove references to functions defined in unloading...
2 days ago Nicolas HakeAllow proplist-local funcs to access vars of their...
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