descriptionA free multiplayer action game where you control small and nimble humanoids
ownerThe Team
last changeWed, 28 Jun 2017 21:48:04 +0000 (23:48 +0200)
4 hours ago Martin StrohmeierSandbox: Added object removing tool and feedback for... master
8 hours ago MarkEat: Use existing function call instead of hardcoded...
8 hours ago MarkHeal: Updated to new effect format, added variable...
8 hours ago David Dormagenextra-slot display now shows object instead of definiti...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesinteraction menu: add callback target for menu entries
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesinteraction menu: remove contents refresh effect if...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesfix script error when fire arrow's incineration destroy...
2 days ago Maikel de Vriesdefense boom attack: can be hit by more weapons
4 days ago MarkColors: Breaking change - SplitRGBaValue
4 days ago MarkColors: Use constants where possible
4 days ago Maikel de Vriesadd function to set target to defense boom attack
4 days ago Maikel de Vriesadd functio to make cargo balloon floating
4 days ago MarkMore modular AI
5 days ago MarkDebugging: Streamlined functions
5 days ago MarkFix catapult not shooting
5 days ago MarkDebugging: More log output
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