2014-05-24 Maikel de Vriesfixed arrow components heavy-resources
2014-05-24 Maikel de Vriesfixed gold bar components
2014-05-09 ClonkonautFixed my really bad merge...
2014-05-09 ClonkonautMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master...
2014-05-04 Sven EberhardtTreasureHunt moved from experimental to missions
2014-05-04 Nicolas HakeAul: ExtraWarn when turning a fn varargs in body
2014-05-04 Nicolas HakeAul: Allow '...' as final parameter in func decls
2014-05-04 Sven EberhardtCleaned up airship: Extra graphics object and unnecessa...
2014-05-04 Sven EberhardtAdded SolidMaskPlane property.
2014-05-04 Sven EberhardtFix SolidMasks defined in DefCore.txt for objects with...
2014-05-03 Julius MichaelisFix grenade launcher ammo check
2014-05-03 Nicolas HakeRequire semicolon after 'do' loop
2014-05-02 ClonkonautFixed restart rule (#1072).
2014-05-01 ClonkonautRemoved 4 lines of useless code.
2014-05-01 ClonkonautFixed clonk freezing in mid-run when building loam...
2014-05-01 ClonkonautMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-05-01 ClonkonautDeathmatch goal ends game when all but one player ...
2014-05-01 Sven EberhardtFix crash on DugOut callback if an unloaded definition...
2014-04-30 ClonkonautReactivated EditCursorModeToggle key (formerly Space...
2014-04-30 ClonkonautAdded new callback: DugOut(object object_by).
2014-04-30 ClonkonautDocumentation added for DigOutObject callback.
2014-04-28 ClonkonautRepaired ice hit sound.
2014-04-28 ClonkonautNew feat: Use snow or ice to create loam in the foundry.
2014-04-27 ClonkonautMade the elevator sound audible again (#1052).
2014-04-27 ClonkonautApplied Maikel's balancing.
2014-04-27 ClonkonautHalved lifting time of carry heavy objects.
2014-04-27 Sven EberhardtRevert engine-side league localization
2014-04-27 ClonkonautAdded Terraflint, acquired from Firestone material.
2014-04-26 ApfelclonkDocument PathFree2 and CoordinateSpace
2014-04-26 ApfelclonkFix scaffold's solid mask
2014-04-24 Martin PlichtC4GameScript: Do not use TRUE literal
2014-04-22 Maikel de VriesMove contents ejection on death after Death Call
2014-04-21 Maikel de VriesFixed lightning damage for living objects
2014-04-21 Sven EberhardtAdd script function SetPlayerZoom to set zoom factors...
2014-04-21 Sven EberhardtTreasure Hunt: Description and better goal explanation...
2014-04-21 Maikel de VriesFixed IronPeak player view range
2014-04-21 Sven EberhardtTreasureHunt: Goal fix and TopOpen=2.
2014-04-21 Sven EberhardtAdded mode TopOpen=2: Pixels above landscape are partly...
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtFix assertion in SetLeagueProgressData without player...
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtTreasureHunt: Add missing script file
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtTreasure Hunt: Messages, league adjustments.
2014-04-20 Sven Eberhardtfix script errors in docs example
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtObjects levitated by TeleGlove do not hit Clonks while...
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtFix C4ID parameters to engine functions.
2014-04-20 Sven EberhardtAdded script functions SetLeagueProgressData, GetLeague...
2014-04-19 Sven EberhardtAdd missing documentation for LogCallStack().
2014-04-19 Sven EberhardtChange == and != to do pointer comparison on arrays...
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerMerge Call fix commit
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerUse pkg-config to get linker flags for SDL_mixer
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerStore Prototype directly in PropLists, not as a normal...
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerReplace some usages of C4ID with C4Def*
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerImprove grammar in comment
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerUse === to check whether proplists were already replaced
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerUse the bytecode parameter for operators as result...
2014-04-19 Günther Brammerwin32: Use stdint.h instead of windows-only compiler...
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerScript: Constant expressions can access properties...
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerMake the script parser a bit more concise
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerMove FixedRandom to C4Random.cpp
2014-04-19 Günther Brammerlinux: Crash-handler prints the address that caused...
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerX11: Get the randr primary output only once
2014-04-19 Günther BrammerAllow Call to call 10-parameter-functions like GameCall...
2014-04-18 Sven EberhardtMinor map and object fixes to TreasureHunt. Adjust...
2014-04-18 Sven EberhardtSpinWheel sets view to controlled door on open/close...
2014-04-18 Sven EberhardtNew experimental scenario: Treasure Hunt
2014-04-18 Sven EberhardtStore modified mesh material assignments in saved scena...
2014-04-18 Sven EberhardtGetMeshMaterial called from definition context now...
2014-04-17 Julius MichaelisFix a load of warnings (two were actual errors, only...
2014-04-17 Julius MichaelisAdd parameter type check for FnCall
2014-04-17 Maikel de VriesImplemented SetBase* for BaseMaterial library
2014-04-16 Maikel de VriesCleaned up base material in library and engine
2014-04-16 Nicolas Hakec4script-cli: Initialize PRNG
2014-04-16 Maikel de VriesFixed typo in LargeCaveMushroom terraform settings
2014-04-15 ClonkonautSpace is no longer a hotkey in developer mode.
2014-04-15 Nicolas HakeRemove UB (++x %= y)
2014-04-15 Nicolas HakeAvoid out-of-bounds read
2014-04-07 ClonkonautAdded metal chunk.
2014-04-06 Maikel de VriesAdded straw man to decoration
2014-04-06 Maikel de VriesFix some DoDamage issues
2014-04-06 Maikel de VriesDecoration.ocd added and includes ruins from DarkCastle
2014-04-03 Julius MichaelisRemove obsolete effect level slider and configuration...
2014-04-03 ClonkonautAdded planks- Get some them from the sawmill.
2014-04-03 ClonkonautFixed tree splitting wood output.
2014-04-03 ClonkonautBasic buildings are now constructed from Chunk_Wood.
2014-04-03 ClonkonautAdded Chunk_Wood.
2014-04-03 ClonkonautReworked tree splitting.
2014-04-03 Julius MichaelisAutoFrameSkip: Graphics option to reduce lag by slow
2014-04-02 Julius MichaelisFix dedicated
2014-04-02 Julius MichaelisDefault-deactivate gcc precompiled headers in CMakeLists
2014-04-02 Maikel de VriesFixed Ametyst to Amethyst typos
2014-04-01 Julius MichaelisProper shutdown on SIGINT/SIGTERM/SIGHUP
2014-03-31 Julius MichaelisFix use after free and conditional jump on uninitialized
2014-03-30 ClonkonautMerge branch 'master' into heavy-resources
2014-03-30 ClonkonautAdded more chunks: Amethyst, Ice, Ruby, Snow
2014-03-30 Julius MichaelisDo not exit round on closing game over dialoge with...
2014-03-29 David Dormagenadded missing SolidMask.png to Hideout/ShieldGem (fixes...
2014-03-26 K-PoneAdded Motorway to Music.ocg
2014-03-25 Nicolas HakeMinGW: Use __mingw_vasprintf if available
2014-03-25 Nicolas Hakecmake: Correctly check for vasprintf and iconv
2014-03-25 Julius MichaelisFix gcc precompiled headers
2014-03-25 Nicolas HakeMerge branch 'issue1060'