2015-09-23 Nicolas HakeFix headless build stable-6.1
2015-06-06 Nicolas HakeBump version to 6.1. v6.1
2015-05-27 Nicolas HakeBump version to 6.1-rc2.
2015-05-27 Sven EberhardtWindows: Fix saving of custom keys (#1313)
2015-05-22 Nicolas HakeFix C4ENGINECAPTION generation
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeBump version to 6.1-rc1.
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeSplit calculated values out of Version.txt
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeSet C4VERSION macros from CMake assembled vars
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeFix incorrect version string interpolation
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeUse C4VERSIONEXTRA for pre-release versions
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeDrop reference to non-existent C4XVER4
2015-05-21 Nicolas HakeAdd generated C4Version.h to build
2015-05-21 Maikel de Vriesfixed description of the chest interaction
2015-05-18 Maikel de Vriesparkour: players respawn at best team checkpoint
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vriesfix grenade launcher blocking hands after shooting
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vriesremove logging message in Explode()
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vrieskill tracing for incinerated dynamite (box) and iron...
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vrieslorry: pass controller to objects which are casted...
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vriescorrect kill tracing for ammo launched by grenade launcher
2015-05-17 Maikel de Vriesadd cause_plr to OnShockWaveHit callback
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesfix pump power consumption (#1309)
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesmake cabin invincible in Crash.ocs for goal checking
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesremove obsolete BuildTurnTo defcore entry
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesoption to choose goal in scorched gardens
2015-05-14 Nicolas HakeFix mismatched mape function stub
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtRemove duplicate crashed plane skin from Treasure Hunt...
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtLight up target door on remote control by switch (...
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtRemove dialogue when target NPC dies (#1295).
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtFix pump to clear the last row of pixels (#1057) and...
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtAdd Find_InArray to docs for FindObject(s) and ObjectCount.
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtAdd Find_InArray (#1073).
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtChange C4FO and C4SO constants to be increasing regularly.
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtAllow CNAT_* constants in VertexCNAT definition of...
2015-05-14 Sven EberhardtHotIce alternate map added.
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesremove celestial environment object in favor of scenari...
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesclean up moon and star objects
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesuse ambient brightness for time of day
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesimprove moving objects out of basement on completion
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesconstruction site: sign in front and transparency for...
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesfix attachment of basement to tall structures
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesfix scenario saving of basements
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesno overpowered weapons on dark mine respawn
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesadd missing descriptions for chest and gold idol
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesfix Dark Mine relaunch description
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesfine-tune windbag force on clonk and objects
2015-05-14 Maikel de Vriesmake windbag burst more gradual and slightly depend...
2015-05-10 Nicolas HakeStdCompilerINIRead: Maintain line break cache for error...
2015-05-10 Martin PlichtC4DrawGLMac: Put OSX 10.9 API usage into #ifdef block
2015-05-10 Misty De MeoStdSchedulerMac: don't call setTolerance:
2015-04-03 Maikel de Vriesremove big conifers from skylands to prevent large...
2015-04-03 Maikel de Vriesprohibit creation of more plants than seed amount in...
2015-04-03 Maikel de Vriesfive new goal graphics thanks to Foaly
2015-04-03 Maikel de Vriesincrease wallkit thickness to make clonks not go stuck
2015-04-03 Maikel de Vriesfix loam bridge construction y offset by one
2015-03-29 Nicolas HakeC++14 ยง7
2015-03-29 Peter WortmannAnother eta, this time for the fade cross check
2015-03-29 Peter WortmannRemove self-shadowing debug code
2015-03-28 Nicolas HakeDon't use formatting log function for fixed string...
2015-03-28 hasufellFix USE_SYSTEM_TINYXML
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesclonks do not attempt to scale underwater (#1176)
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesfix vertex changing when swimming (#1176)
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesfix mushroom bugs (#1051) and (#1291)
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesproducer does not depend on partial fuel amounts
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesremove Flame graphics and clean up script
2015-03-28 Martin PlichtMoltenMonarch.ocs/System.ocg/King_Javelin.c: fAiming...
2015-03-28 Martin PlichtAmbience_DeepSeaMining.ocs: Extraneous }
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesfix script error for the fire effect
2015-03-28 David Dormagenadded Armin's particle fire
2015-03-28 David Dormagenfixed player names, clonk names and selector info being...
2015-03-28 David Dormagenfix particles only rendering in one editor viewport...
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriescorrect league parameter values for Acid Rift
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesnew icon for Acid Rift (#1284)
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriestrees shake a little when hit by an axe
2015-03-28 Maikel de Vriesdon't place branch and trunk in liquids
2015-03-26 Nicolas Hakegl: Use fewer uniform components to upload bones (...
2015-03-26 Nicolas HakeAdd copyright header and descriptive comment to default...
2015-03-26 Nicolas HakeFix bone transformation of normals
2015-03-26 Nicolas HakePoint out that the source code license is the ISC license
2015-03-26 Kevin ZhengFix linking with SDL
2015-03-26 Nicolas HakeOS X: Make app bundle renamable
2015-03-12 Maikel de Vriesimprove dynamite box explosion in lava (delay) and... v6.0
2015-03-09 Maikel de Vriesdeactivate power producers correctly on over production
2015-03-09 Maikel de Vriesadd test for underproduction of power
2015-03-09 Maikel de Vriesmake power need call susceptible to proplist function...
2015-03-06 Maikel de Vriesgenerator wheel has Plane = 1 to not trigger warning
2015-03-06 Maikel de Vriesmake hud bars staticbacks
2015-03-05 Maikel de Vriesfix pumping downwards after source emptyness
2015-03-05 Sven EberhardtUse magic STL instead of magic numbers for TODO file...
2015-03-05 Sven EberhardtAdd /todo message board command.
2015-03-05 Nicolas HakeUpload dummy bone for boneless meshes (#1278)
2015-03-04 Nicolas HakeMerge GPU skinning
2015-03-02 Maikel de VriesFix category of wind generator wheel helper object
2015-03-02 Maikel de Vriesin c4script: SetCategory(0) -> SetCategory(C4D_None)
2015-03-02 Maikel de Vriesflag marker category none
2015-03-02 Maikel de Vriesintroduce a constant for no category
2015-03-01 Nicolas HakeDon't check for errors in C4ShaderCall::Finish
2015-03-01 Maikel de Vriesoption for Branch/Trunk for underground-only placement
2015-03-01 Maikel de Vriesremove unused pInventory variable in clonk script
2015-03-01 Sven EberhardtFix documentation on new_color parameter in Layer.SetPi...
2015-03-01 Maikel de Vriesclean up dummy object